Spotify on Amazon Echo - Stop family plays impacting my recommendations

I have Spotify set up on the Amazon Echo in my kitchen. The family love it and the kids play music from it regularly.
The issue I have is that it is my Spotify premium account and all the stuff they play via the Echo then shows up in my recently played and impacts my recommendations etc. Does anyone know of anyway you can make the stuff played from your Echo be in “private mode” or something similar? Or am I just doomed to being recommended Frozen and all the other Disney classics none stop for the next 10 years :grinning:

It appears from the moderator’s answer on this Spotify thread that you would need a Spotify plan that supports multiple accounts (Family Duo or Premium Family), and also multiple Alexa accounts. Each Alexa account linked to a different Spotify account.

If that’s the case it would cost more. And different devices would align with different Alexa accounts. Not a great answer, it seems.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did see that or a similar article. The echo is in the kitchen so I was hoping there was some way that we could all use it, without it being linked directly to my profile (for history, recommendations, etc) or having to switch profiles.
Sort of like you can use the Watch Together profile on Netflix so that it doesn’t “clog up’ your profile and recommendations etc.

I had the exact same problem and its so frustrating because to change Spotify recommendations is truly frustrating. Because I subscribe to the Spotify family plan, I have one dedicated account that I use for Alexa and on Sonos.

Good idea! Thanks, that might be my solution.