Spotify Wrapped is out

Hello All

As a music fan, I look forward to Spotify Wrapped every year. Since I am home all the time now, I listened to more music in the last 10 months than I have in the last 3 years.

I wrote about my thoughts on music streaming services and how Spotify Wrapped is uniquly innovative.

This year, Non-Spotify users can explore global trends through Spotify Wrapped

Please feel free to share your Spotify Wrapped :slight_smile:

Do you even consider something like Spotify Wrapped in deciding your music streaming service of choice?


I mostly keep using Spotify out of inertia but also because it works better with my Apple devices than Apple Music.

Wrapped is interesting from a data perspective, but the songs are more varied than I care for on one playlist. I’ll probably just continue my listening habits that got those songs included on the Wrapped list.