Spotlight - does "Kind is Document” equal “Kind is NOT folder”?

I am trying to exclude folders from a saved Spotlight search, but it turns out that there is no option for “Kind is not” only “Kind is”.

The most obvious alternative seems to be to choose “Kind” is “Document” except it is not 100% clear what Apple’s definition of “Document” is in this context, and I can’t figure out anyway to Google this because the terms are so vague.

I think / hope that “Document” means “Anything that is not a folder” but I’m wondering if there’s a definitive guide out there somewhere.

At first I was worried that “document” might not include images but as you can see from the screenshot below showing the results, it definitely does include images.

By the way, spoiler alert for a blog post that I’m planning to write up, but if you use the “Smart Sync” feature of Dropbox, the files which are not on your local Mac are automatically tagged as “Online-only” and when you download them, the tag is automatically removed.

I’m not sure when that feature was added, but it’s super-handy if you want to keep an eye on what is local vs what is not. I just made a saved search for ~/Dropbox/ and that tag, but because folders/directories don’t get tags, I wanted to exclude them from the results.

HoudahSpot to the rescue.

I have and like Houdah, but this is meant to be a Saved Search in Finder, which means that a 3rd-party solution is not as useful.

That being said, it appears to have all sorts of files in it except folders, so I think I’m good to go.

How about a saved HoudahSpot template (maybe triggered with Alfred or LaunchBar or Butler)? Also, HS5 has a Finder extension toolbar item to search the current window, as well as a Finder Quick Action to search a selected folder…