Spotlight does not stop indexing

I got a new 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar last week. It has High Sierra installed with all the corresponding updates available to this moment.
It has been used since almost 2 weeks however, Spolight does not finish indexing and shows in the battery icon as draining a lot of energy. Battery life is terrible with this situation.

How can I fix this? By this moment it should already be indexed (I know if it is new, it needs to indexbut not after that much time). This is driving me crazy.

Thank you.

Maybe try the solutions listed on this Apple support thread.

Thank you. I tried the first solution, avoiding spotlight to index my user folder.
I use Launch Bar so probably I am not missing much of Spotlight…
I have not dare to return it, I do not want that it starts again…

I appreciate this link, it is quite helpful

Beside spotlight, Photos is also indexing and take way more CPU and battery. The cause is face recognition… Check that too if you have a lot of photos.

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It’s the user folder I want “spotlighted”, so you just removed the symptoms, not fix it.

Try Onyx, it has a rebuild spotlight feature. Spotlight sometimes just goes crazy and “hangs itself”. If Onyx isn’t getting you there, the shell to the rescue:
Turn off indexing: sudo mdutil -i off /
Remove the index (PLEASE be careful with this one, rm -r is not something you want to mess with): sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight-V100
Turn on idexing: sudo mdutil -i on /
Sometimes you need to trigger the rebuild: sudo mdutil -E /

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