Spotlight Keyboard Shortcut Broken

I’m dealing with the weirdest issue. Command+Space just is not working. I’ve restarted, I’ve shutdown, but Command+Space will not pull up Spotlight! Settings look good:

I have found with System Settings, sometimes simply toggling the setting on and off resets it. So if you haven’t already tried that give it go.

Update: It looks like Spotlight just isn’t working. I tried opening it from the the menu bar and it will not open. Force Quit in Activity Monitor and still a no go.

I’ve no installed the latest OS update and Spotlight STILL isn’t working! Help!

Have you tried rebuilding Spotlight? From the Terminal type: sudo mdutil -E / and press Enter
then type your password and press Enter again

Note the space between E and /

It can take some time to complete depending on the amount of data on your drive.

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