Spotlight on Big Sur (Intel)

I noticed that Spotlight is using “significant energy” on my MBP. That’s of course no problem when it’s for a short period of time, but this is constant.

Is anyone else seeing the same behavior?

I already excluded quite a few folders from Spotlight (and had that before this “issue” occured), but apparently that’s not enough?

On a sidenote - or perhaps not - I also notice an increasing number of local Time Machine snapshots. Without any apparent reason. Could be that Spotlight is indexing these?

Edit: it seems Spotlight is indexing the Time Machine backup on my NAS. :astonished:

Add your NAS to the Privacy section of Spotlight preferences to keep it from indexing it.

Thanks. Did that. Not sure if it helped, but I do see the message that Spotlight is using “significant energy” less often I believe.

Sidenote: it’s strange that one has to manually exclude these drives. In a system where Apple likes to think for the user, one would expect this to be automatic. Cause what’s the use of having a Spotlight index on a (relatively slow, networked) Time Machine volume?

Perhaps in Apple’s mind it’s a case of DIYD DIYD – in some Bizarro MPU someone is wondering why Time Machine never indexes NAS :laughing: