Spotlight Search not working on Big Sur

Anyone else experiencing this?

I followed all the steps and removed the drive from spotlight indexing and then added it back in and it went through and did the re-index but it did not really fix the problem.

Fix for spotlight not indexing

Any suggestions?


What’s spotlight? /jk

Sorry. Can’t help but couldn’t pass up the joke either. #alfred For lyfe

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LOL! Now that’s a silly remark! :rofl:

Alfred relies on the same macOS metadata index as Spotlight. As such, it’s important for you to let Spotlight run on your Mac to maintain an index of the files on it.

Turning off Spotlight indexing will still allow you to use Alfred as a web launcher but you’ll no longer be able to find files on your Mac.



I had this for a while on Catalina. In the end, reinstalling MacOS was the fix.

When you say reinstalling do you just mean refreshing the operating system or are we talking about taking it down to bare metal and totally re-installing the operating system and applications.