SQL Setup for macOS and iOS

I’ve been looking at possibly creating an SQL database. My needs are a private database that I need access to on macOS and iOS.

Does anyone have such a setup that they are willing to share?

It would be useful to know what requirements such as setup would require.

  • SQLite is just a file that you can share on the cloud and access on Mac and iOS with any SQL apps
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL require you to run as dedicated services (not unlike a server) and then access via a IP connection - that’s easy for Mac (via dbngin or similar services), but accessing from iOS might be tricky (you need to run your SQL server aka your computer and get access to IP and port, often firewalls are blocking)
  • An alternative for MySQL/MySQL could be a (self-)hosted database that you access from both Mac and iOS (e.g. via DigitalOcean)
  • There are not many iOS SQL apps, Tableplus has a iOS app, but I’ve not tried it yet
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I totally second remix’s post and would just add that I’ve used the TablePlus iOS app and quite like it. If you can share more about the volume or features you’re anticipating we could narrow down hosting recommendations and database type.

I’m really not wanting to host the db online. This is a private database that only I will be using. I have MAMP and workbench so can pretty easily run things on macOS. The challenge is iOS? Does TablePlus require a connection to an SQL server or can it open a db and run queries within itself?

Just adding a shoutout for Docker containers.
Would be a nice way to run MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Tailscale for remote access (cross platform).