Squarespace email campaigns

I use SS for all my websites and blogs, and love the ease of use and the great design. I dont work well with wordpress and the more complicated services. So, let me start by saying I am generally a SS fan.

I have been using the email campaign add on through SS since it was in beta, and have initially liked it and found it useful to link right in with the website design.

Heres the BUT:
It seems like lately the email campaign editing is very buggy. I often loose text I paste in, or am not able to edit text at all. Images disappear or fail to upload if I literally click anything while they are uploading. Its become very frustrating. Furthermore, for a service that I linked right into the SS ‘ecosystem’ I might expect things to be a bit more seamless. For example, when I post a blog/newsletter I find I have to essentially start from scratch in the email editor if I want the full blog posted in an email (rather than just a link to the blog).

So, two questions:

  • If I stick with it, is this just me or has anyone else experienced this with SS email campaigns?
  • If I step away from this as a way to post blog updates and newsletters (for NGO type work), what are the best services these days (I have used Mailchimp in the past but wasnt super impressed).

Appreciate it. Thanks.

Have you discussed this issue with Squarespace support?

Starting that process. Thought id check here while I was at it.

Perhaps check that your adblockers are turned off for squarespace?

I had problems showing the standard newsletter block (in the editor and on the site) and I eventually tracked the problem down to the adblocker.

(And, I contacted the adblocker’s developer and he said that all the adblocker developers work off the same set of rules, and squarespace newsletter blocks were generally blocked. I’ve raised a bug with Sqspace and they said it will be addressed. )

Hope that helps.

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Thanks a lot. Ill check that out! Great suggestion.