Squarespace Forms

So, we’ve decided to run with Squarespace for our website, which I’m sure will work out fine. One thing that’s not that great though is the Forms you can build. The use case is very limited - it’s only a Contact Form - but to be honest the built in feature from Squarespace simply doesn’t cut it for this.

Since Squarespace is a pretty popular sponsor at least of MPU and a bunch of the other Relay Shows, I was hoping that someone in here have experience with some decent plugin that I can add to get a more useable Form functionality? :slight_smile:

What specifically are you hoping to accomplish? It’s been a while since I’ve maintained a square space site, but if I recall you can have forms feed a Google Sheet, which you can certainly automate from – for example, feeding a Mail Chimp list or, well, basically anything you can trigger from Google Sheets using Zapier or IFTTT.

The automation itself is OK, I found some plugin code I could use for getting it posted where I want it (but then I connected it via Zapier instead - 'cause it’s cooler).

But it’s the form building itself which is the problem. There’s very little flexibility it seems. I can’t add custom error messages or validations on the content, and I can’t really control the look and feel at all.

So if someone forgets to fill in a required field now - in our Norwegian Language Site - they’ll get error messages in english… it’s these kinds of details that really mess up how I feel about the result. So can’t live with this. :smiley:

Yikes, that’s some poor localization on Squarespace’s part! Either they should commit to localizing that, or create a mechanism so you can add your own text in whatever language you want!

You might look in to Jot Forms, I went this route when needing a more robust form with some conditional fields that won’t let the one filling out the form pass but certain questions. It you look on the Jotform site, there are widgets which allow for the integration of the of the form to your Square space site.

Thanks! Well, at the moment we were looking for a platform with simple edits and low maintenance needs.

Our website is just a simple thing with some information about our company and what we do. And we’re not really skilled at website coding.

At first we were looking at just having a Wordpress site, but it turned into a lot of small things I would need to research and figure out.

I’ve now realized that I can embed Google Forms on Squarespace, and we’re already running G Suite - and it will interact with Zapier so that I can get the information where I want it.

Haven’t worked with Google Forms before, but I hope that has some more features than Squarespace.