Stacking Mac Minis ...?

I just got my new Mac Mini 2018 (refurb, i7, 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, AppleCare). I’m pretty happy with it, but I need to figure out a solution to something.

I have my 2012 Mac Mini still (i7, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD) that I’m moving into the role of media server / transcoding / misc. other stuff.

Desk space is limited, so I was hoping to be able to stack the machines. But it would seem that the 2012 heats up faster with the stack.

Anybody have any thoughts as to a good way to solve the problem?

Having a little airflow between them wouldn’t hurt anything. A trip to the local hardware or LEGO store may inspire you…

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Maybe something like this: :slight_smile:

I think any kind of “drawer” with free backside for air intake should do the trick.

Do you know if Apple cares, warranty-wise, if I put adhesive rubber feet on the plastic bottom of the mini?

Or buy 2 of these:

The plastic bottom is not that sturdy, so be careful with it.

At a bit under 8"x8" basic sturdy kitchen shelving is all you need.

Place them on edge with a bit of room in between. That’s the norm in colos like macstadium

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I don’t see why they would.

I bet they’d come off pretty easy if the need arose.