Stage manage + showing the desktop combination question

Since stage manager has been released I have been playing with it to find an optimal arrangement & I think it does offer a new way of quickly change contexts which I do like.

The other small feature I like is the ability to hide desktop icons and then reveal them by clicking the desktop around a windowed application & this view of the desktop is different to peeking at the desktop with hotcorners as it allows you to interact with files properly (preview etc), which for me game changing.

Does anyone know if there a way to access this view other than clicking desktop space? I find i often have one or several windows taking up the whole screen. Minimize is an option if one window but if you have more than one window it doesnt work (and changes that space). The keyboard shortcuts in system settings only allows for showing desktop in the mission control /peeking way :confused:

Any ideas would be great!


I don’t know if this is optimal for you, but here is what I do If I can’t find any desktop surface area on the main part of the screen. (1) Scroll the pointer to the left side of the screen so that the Recent Apps appear. Then I find a space where the desktop shows through and I click that. Or (2) I click down on the pocket between the left side of the dock and the edge of my screen.

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Thanks, that will work! :pray:

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