Standalone web clipper

Do you use or know about any app or extension dedicated to only clipping webpages (hopefully in Markdown) but are not part of any other big application (like Devon, Evernote, Craft, Notion, etc.)?


If you’re on Chrome etc.:

I think Roam Highlighter can also be used with other tools:

I’d like to find the same, but generating PDFs and/or Markdown from Safari.

Brett Terpstra’s Markdown service tools have something for copying as markdown: Convert - HTML to Markdown

It isn’t perfect, but it’s good; I use it a fair bit.

There is also a Safari extension, cool!

So there is… no idea how I missed that when I switched to Safari. Purchased!

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I’m not sure this is what you mean by clipping but I regularly use SingleFile and SingleFileZ to save copies of webpages. They are available as extensions for most browsers. SingleFile supports annotations, too.

Another option is Safari’s built in saving in webarchive format. But the former two create smaller and significantly more accurate copies for me.

I use this Shortcut in Safari:

It is hit or miss though. Some websites don’t produce any content at all. Probably some crazy javascript nonsense. I’ll have to check out MarkDownload and see if it does any better.

May not be exactly what you are looking for but PopClip will allow you to select text and copy to Markdown or my preferred is to copy to Obsidian.

Good luck