Standing desk David Sparks uses?

On a past episode of MPU, David said he uses a standing desk in his home office. Does anyone recall what brand of desk he has? Thanks.

I think it was an older model of the one selected at Wirecutter.

I don’t recall whether this is the one that Dave uses, but I just set myself up with one of these and I am exceptionally happy. The Jarvis by Fully, or one of the models from Uplift, will do you very well!

I’m also running the Fully Jarvis Bamboo and I like it a lot.

How long did it take you to put together? And did they require a signature for delivery?

And did anyone get the power grommets?

It took me a couple of hours to put together.

The desk was easy to put together, and the quality of the parts was A-one.

We got one of the keyboard trays. It all went together quickly, but there was an issue with the instructions for the keyboard tray that could have been clearer. I can’t remember the specifics, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out if you get one. I’d say the desk went together in well under an hour, with another half hour for the tray.

We got one power grommet. I’d skip it. I’m not sure it has enough oomph to charge an iPad, for example.

Thank you for the information.

When you say charge the iPad do you mean with the USB port in the grommet or even if you use the AC power with the iPad Charger?

I assume you are able to easily take out the power grommet if you don’t want it in anymore?

I’m thinking of getting them just to have incase I find a need. If I don’t get it bundled it’s almost the same price for 1 as it would be buying 2 in the bundle.

That was using the power supply provided. The desk is a couple of years old now, so things may have changed. The grommets are very easy to remove.

Thanks for that.

I think I’ll get them just in case, I will probably use them at the very least for a lamp on the desk.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate the information.

It took me about an 90 minutes to assemble each of the two desks in our home (with the shallow shelf option).
The desks did not require a signature.

On of the desks arrived having been fairly beaten up in transit but UPS. Thankfully the folks at Fully pack these things very well so there as no damage, however here was a missing bundle of screws!

I called (as in, on the phone) their support and got connected to a real live human who was able to tell me exactly what kind of screws to get from the hardware store so I could get my desk built today rather than wait for them to ship another pack of screws. They even refunded me considerably more than the cost of the screws for my trouble.

Because I was missing a screw pack, I also had some difficulty with one aspect of the instruction, so I called once more, got a human on the phone, and they were able to provide me with a totally satisfying workaround.

The support at Fully is really top notch. If you have ANY problem at all with your desk, assembling it, or questions about accessories a real human will happily help you out. I honestly can’t recall a time where I’ve had such a universally positive experience dealing with a company. (actually, OmniGroup is up there in this regard too). They’ve been consistently very impressive.


I ordered it last Tuesday, and it arrived Friday evening.

It took about 45 minutes to put together with the grommets and power/cable management installs.

Tested out with a very loose cable management system as currently, my schedule is a little hectic. Hoping this weekend provides some time actually to complete the cable management. For anyone who installed the cable management pieces, did they wiggle a little with the screws that came with it? Mine seem a bit loose, but I couldn’t screw them in anymore. Thinking of calling support and asking if I should drill the holes a little deeper for the screws.

Otherwise it’s been amazing, really glad I went with the extended control for saving different heights. I would highly recommend this desk to anyone.

Thank you @Quahog and @Scottisloud for the answers you provided.


The cable trays I got with mine are quite solid.

One nice thing about a sit-stand desk is that you can run it up to full height and roll your chair underneath to do cable management work. :grin:

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That is a very nice perk. I’ll be honest though, it took a little longer than it should have before I realized instead of crawling under the desk, why don’t I just raise it. :upside_down_face:

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@joshsullivan the cable ties on ours were very basic, but they are attached firmly with the hardware that was provided.

I also use a Jarvis Bamboo and really like it. Though I have found that I rarely sit anymore. I actually took the office chair out and just have a bar stool near by if I need to give my legs a break. So the programmable/adjustable Jarvis is over-kill now, but I do still like it.

I have been using it for several years and had developed several scratches just from normal use. I contacted them for recommendations and they gave me a great set of instructions for how to deal with different levels of scratches and wear- the grit of sandpaper, finish, etc. Very helpful!