Standing desk floor mat / acclimation experience?

Just got a sit/stand desk (electric adjustment with presets), and I’m liking it so far - but my legs / knees aren’t quite as happy about standing as they could be (yet).

I’ve seen floor mats with padding and such. Anybody here use one of those? Did it help? Can you recommend a brand/mat that’s worked well for you?

Proper footwear with arch support that accommodates your foot profile is as important – perhaps more important – as flooring or the mat. As is making sure that you get enough movement of the major muscle groups that are involved in standing. Even standing in place for a while can lead to negative, repetitive stress outcomes.

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It does take getting used to. Do actively allow yourself to shift positions and change where you place your weight. It will make standing for long periods more comfortable and more sustainable. I disagree with @anon41602260 about arch support but LOVE using this mat. I found even a carpeted floor with a rug on top was insufficient padding. When I can’t use my mat, these slides are my replacement (and are all around wonderful slides)

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I switched to sitting/standing in 2010-11 or so. Took a few weeks getting used to, as I recall. I often sit/stand barefoot or in flip-flops. Some days I stand most of the day, other days – like today – I spend a lot of time sitting.

Rather than go for an adjustable desk, I have a permanent standing desk, and use a tall padded stool when I sit.

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As for a mat: It was recommended to me so I figured why not, and bought it. I got a tip that you can get fancypants mats costing $100 or more, made for standing desks and/or high-end home kitchens. But the industrial model is the same thing and costs a lot less. I bought this one in January 2011, which was IIRC about two months after I made the switch to a standing desk.

I do recommend it; it increases comfort and minimizes wear on the floor. Mine is holding up great, other than the dog having chewed off a corner of it when she was a puppy.

After more than eight years, I doubt I will ever go back to a regular desk. I am quite comfortable with my current arrangement. Indeed, I often find myself standing at meetings and such where sitting is an option; I’m more comfortable that way.


Love my standing desk. I got it from Ikea about 10 years ago. I even hacked one at my work office from some Ikea tables ‘cause I like the standing desks so much.

I do have a standing mat, but I splurged on a "fancy mat” like this one from Amazon. I like it a lot and have had it for a couple years.

As other mentioned, good shoes make a difference and so does moving around a bit along with taking timed breaks.

Also, grabbed one of these on sale. It takes some getting used to, but it keeps me moving around and not sitting too long.

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I’ve been using a stand up desk the past 6 weeks at my new job. I ordered a terra mat from amazon made by Cubefit. It’s been a game changer. It also has raised ridges on each side with textures that you can use to rub your feet on as you stand (which is a game changer when starting out) to help with circulation.

Cubefit Mat

Definitely get a mat. I got one free with my work desk because we ordered several at a time. They are well worth it if you plan on standing much.

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Funny this thread just popped up on my radar, I just had this conversation with a couple people recently. One person thinking about getting a mat for a sit/stand desk, and two of us having one. A few suggestions we had:

  1. Get a good, thick silicone material.
  2. Don’t go cheap. You’ll be standing on this thing for many hours a day.
  3. Get a larger mat than you think you need. It’ll move around on you and if it’s small, you’ll be readjusting constantly (especially if the mat rests on office carpet on top of concrete).
  4. Go with one that has bumps and ramps on it so that you can adjust your foot position in all three dimensions throughout the day. A flat mat is okay but you want to be able to move around quite a bit.

It’s been a bit over six months since I got a very basic mat (no contours, bumps or ramps) that I thought would be “too big” (it’s only barely big enough at 20x32). I broke guideline #2 up there, so I didn’t get #3 or #4 and I kind of want a do-over. I stand about 99% of the time at work, and even the basic mat has made a huge difference for my lower back. I only sit when I have to do video conferencing or watch a longer video (like for training).