Standing Desk Suggestions and long term review

My wife is kind enough to upgrade my home office setup to a standing desk. Prior to this week I was pretty sure it would either be the Autonomous or Fully. However, I recently found the Lander by iMovr that has been getting good reviews. Does anyone have any long terms pros or cons on any of these? The Lander desk seems to have far fewer YouTube reviews than any other one but consistently gets great scores on reviews.

Edit: I will be using a custom butcher block countertop as the actual desk piece. I only need the frame for the desk.

I am using Uplift which seems to be a popular brand and was the Wirecutter’s pick. I have had it for 5 months and the thing is solid. It adjusts to 4 presets with a press of a button, it’s easy to change presets, and there are lots of add-ones to modify/accessorize the desk. The surface is 1” thick wood and the legs are heavy and don’t rock. Extremely happy with it. They are not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

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That’s good to hear. I’m looking at a custom butcher block top from Lowes so I think it will be heavy enough.

To be honest, office setup is bet. Most of the reviews are paid, so don’t worry much about them. Reviews usually cover one aspect that is good, and forget about things that are not so good.

Personally I tried a couple of Fully arms, and they were the worst IMO, even though they had great reviews.

Sorry, that is not helpful, but bottom line: listen to whatever actual users in this forum would say.


I have an IKEA Idåsen desk with black top in use as a second desk for when I want to work on the main level of the house instead of upstairs in the office. Since it’s not my primary desk, and it’s in the main living space, I went with the smaller top but could switch to the larger one easily if needed.

I’m using it on hardwood floors and it’s very sturdy with no wobble when raised up. Memory function is handled via the app.

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I’ve got a Fully and couldn’t be happier. Paired it with a floormat and a Håg Capisco chair. Spend full days in my study and roughly half sitting/standing.

The desk and chair are of top-notch quality.

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I bought my Uplift desk over a year ago. It’s perfectly solid, and I love the presets feature that will save 4 unique height adjustments and go to them with a touch.

My only complaint has nothing to do with Uplift - I just picked too small of an actual top to the desk. But it sounds like you have that part ‘covered’.

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Not sure how helpful this will be since the company isn’t around any more, but I’ve seen pictures of other standing desks that look like they’re the same as mine.

I’ve had my standing desk for about 6 years. It was The Wirecutter’s pick at the time a Jarvis desk frame from Ergo Depot. It also has four memory positions plus up/down buttons and a display with the estimated height (it’s about an inch off). The only issue I’ve ever had with it is the motor stopped working within about a month of getting it. Ergo Depot did a warranty replacement and it’s been fine ever since. I went with an inexpensive 30” X 64” desktop from Ikea. It was a great company.

I’ve got a Fully with a 6’ desktop, on casters. It’s good. There’s definitely wobble at standing height that I find a little unnerving. I think that’s because the wood is so thin — the wood they use is only .5" thick.

A thick 1" top or 1.5" top would probably help a lot.

Jarvis changed name to Fully.

I’ve got a Fully desk with an Ikea countertop as the desk, and I love it. (Only had it for 6 months, though, so do with that information what you will.)

I have had this Ikea desk for about 2 years. I have the brown Ikea desktop 31.5 X 63 inches. I agree with @JoePreiser that it is very sturdy without wobble.

My favorite standing desk has been a Husky Work Table that I got from Home Depot. It’s got a manual lift on the right side (a turn handle) with a “butcher block” as a top.

I’ve loved it, and it’s significantly cheaper than most automatic standing desks I’ve found.


I will second this option… I purchased the 62" version last year and it has been a great decision. So happy the handle to raise/lower the desk slides off and stores in a drawer.


I’ve had a fully for over a year and had no issues. It’s a good desk.

I’d recommend getting a standing mat for when standing, it really reduces soreness in your feet if you stand for longer stretches.

I work at home and bought a Fully bamboo top standing desk four years ago. The controller (rectangular black box under the desktop that the power and motors connect to) failed. Within a day I had a zoom troubleshooting meeting with a tech in which I was asked to plug, unplug, etc., to figure out the problem. That was a Friday afternoon. On Monday I had the new controller which fixed the problem. Fully stands behind their warranty. Happy customer.

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My wife uses an almost identical model. It’s what I used before getting the Fully. It’s great. Super stable. I loved it. Just a little short for me when I was standing.