Standing desk width ? Too narrow and what do you think - $299 at Costco

Noticed that Costco has a nice electric standing desk for $299. I have a regular glass topped desk now that is deeper, 30 inches vs this desk’s 24 inch depth. Wondering if this not wide enough when using my 5K iMac. Also it’s not as wide so I’d not be able to add a second monitor in the future - but I’ve been using it for the past 15 years and not needed one even with my video editing biz. I’ve moved my monitor closer to simulate the dimensions, seems ok. Nice to have less size as my current desk just gets cluttered also standing desk for those marathon 24h video edits! (just watched the video and the chap mentioned one gotcha perhaps, it’s a min of 30 inches tall, I recall hacksawing the legs of my current desk to get it to 29 inches. )


Here is the desk I am considering purchasing - the video is just one I found on youtube

Just looking at it I would be very leery of the bar across the bottom. I don’t know about you but for me that would be majorly in the way when sitting. The other thing I probably wouldn’t like is the thickness of the top surface. When sitting I have my standing desk as low as possible to get my keyboard down to an ergonomic height. I’d pass.


I have this desk at home. The setup at home is with a 4k 24" LG and my MacBook adorable on a stand next to it. I have the monitor as far back as it will go, and it works ok. I’d be a little concerned about a 5k 27, but if you’ve constrained your setup to test it out and you like it, great! The width works well for me.

A couple of notes about the desk. You will have trouble chopping it down an inch :). The seated height works for me, but YMMV. CostCo has a pretty liberal return policy if you don’t love it. The crossbar on the bottom hasn’t bothered me. What has bothered me have been the lights that display the desk height, they are bright and the desk is in a nook in my bedroom. I cover the lights with my mouse pad 100% of the time. Another thing that bugged me is the sensitivity of the touch buttons for raising and lowering the desk. They are sensitive, and pretty much anything can trigger them. There is a button on the right side of the desk near the USB ports that can turn off the function of the buttons. I suspect you will learn to use it!

One thing I did with the desk was add a cable tray under the desk to keep things tidy. The tray I used was the TechDeck Cable Corral. I was able to attach it to the bottom of the desk using screws that are already on the desk, I just had to bend the tray mounts a bit with a pair of pliers to make it fit. Keeping cables organized on a desk that goes from sit-to-stand is a must! I just stuck a power strip in the cable tray, so there is only a single power cable that has to go into the wall. Everything else stays in the tray :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the feedback - the hight thing may be a deal breaker. I looked at a few setups on Youtube and it seems it’s not really that much more to get some electric legs $299 and add a wooden top from iKea so perhaps I’ll go that direction. The legs I saw go down to 27 inches.

I have an Ikea desk, which I have considered using its desktop surface with this standing desk kit that runs $249:

It looks like a good product from what I can see and at a decent price.