Starbucks shortcut - okay, that was cool

While driving this morning, I used a Shortcut via CarPlay to order me a beverage at my local Starbucks and have it waiting for me when I got there. Pretty nice!


I turned down the volume on my TV by dialing my watch crown the other day (while listening to music from my iPhone).

Sometimes these things are delightful.


Probably one of my favorite shortcuts. Good on Starbucks for:

  1. Rolling out mobile ordering
  2. Exposing it to Shortcuts
  3. Making it all work

I saw they are trying out mobile order only stores/stands in NYC now. I hope it works out. Lines be gone.

Also wondering if this thread will turn into a debate about coffee, as any mention of Starbucks seems to… (I don’t like coffee so that’s not my order or my fight)!


Coffee subscription anyone?


Just saw this morning that Panera is offering coffee subs. All the coffee you can drink for $9/mo.

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My local high-end coffee place is a block away, and in 2019 offered daily cup passes (I suppose one could go more than once a day) for $30/month but you needed to bring your own cup. (Those who paid for the service but didn’t bring their own cups paid only $1 for a coffee.) But they canceled it after less than a year; the people who took advantage of it (like me) were saving money, and they didn’t get enough customers who didn’t use it lightly. I suppose they expected to get a lot of commuters who’d come 5 days/week at most, with a small but significant percentage paying that additional $1 as well.


Maybe the problem was the $30 price tag. While a bargain for those who frequent, it’s probably too much for those who don’t. $9 will attract many who -think- they will use it but don’t.

Smart! Good for Panera.

How did you do this?

Not as complex as it might sound. I have a TV with AirPlay. I stream music from the phone to the TV using AirPlay. Opening Now Playing on the watch and turning the crown changes the volume on the phone, and therefore the AirPlay content on the TV.

Mind. Blown.

I had no idea this was available. It took about five seconds to make the shortcut because it predicted the values from my recent orders and locations.