Start Apple Music at Specified Time on iMac or MacBook Pro

I can not figure out how to start an Apple Music playlist at a specified time? Have any of you cracked this mystery?

I would think this could be done rather easily with shortcuts. Was there a specific time of day you wanted to start your playlist?

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I’ve checked - I don’t think you can do this with Shortcuts.

I would like the playlist to start at a specified time in the AM.

Do you have Keyboard Maestro? You could definitely do it with that. EDIT: so I went back into the shortcuts field guide to double check. You can make a time based shortcut using the automations tab. It worked for me on my iPad.

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I’d use AppleScript, but I’m an old man.

You might want to check Doug’s AppleScripts. He has a lot of scripts to control Music.

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