State of the art of note apps?

I’m intrigued by the idea to start note taking with crosslinks, as is possible in Drafts or Obsidian. But I would like to be able to save multimedia files (especially pictures) and make sketches as well. Tagging would be nice too. Like Obsidian plus GoodNotes merged together. Is there something you can recommend?

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You can attach pictures to Obsidian

And also draw there, if you use Excalidraw

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Thanks! But I have to save them somewhere first, in order to embed them, right? I will consider this solution, but I would prefer to simply capture stuff directly into the notes app if possible.

No, as you could read within the first link, you can just Drag-and-Drop the Image file into the Obsidian Text.

Devonthink can do all of that

Thanks, I will try that! I read the link, but interpreted it as still dragging from a local file.

True! I gave up on DevonThink, which I used for a while, because it was just too complex for my needs. I realized I actually used it mainly like finder. But now I’m asking for more complex functionality, so maybe it’s time to go back to it.