State of the Twitter app?

I see more and more people from the Apple Community shifting time the stock Twitter app.

I have been Tweetbot user for years and I prefer that app. However with the restrictions to the API that twitter introduced last year or when it was, I have downloaded the stock Twitter app to get notifications of likes etc that I can’t get from Tweetbot anymore.

I love Tweetbot, especially for that Vintage theme which is gorgeous :drooling_face:

But, I’m still curious where you guys stand. Have you switched to the Twitter app or you still rely on 3rd-party clients, Tweetbot or Twitterific seem to be the only contenders.

Pros and cons of using the Twitter app? I guess commercials is a major con, but I also find that it’s easier to discover tweets in the Twitter app.

Where do you guys stand?

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I keep the Twitter app installed just to get notifications. But I use Tweetbot almost exclusively.

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Don’t you find that the discovery of tweets from people you don’t follow is more ready available in the Twitter app?

Or why are you sticking Tweetbot? I am too by the way

I know it’s desperately uncool for a tech geek to admit this, but I’ve been using the native app exclusively for I guess nearly two years now and don’t miss third party options at all—having previously been a loyal Tweetbot and Twitterific user.

For me the question has ended up reversed: what do the third-party options offer that I would find appealing? The answer for me, as it turns out, is nothing. And the reason is that, after my initial resistance when it was released, I found that Twitter’s algorithmic timeline made the network way more satisfying and way less of a time sink to browse. I used to be a timeline completionist and now I can’t imagine spending that much time on Twitter (or any other network).

I see good tweets from people I follow, I see new stuff from outside my bubble that makes me think, smile, or wonder (discovery is just way better on the native app), and I can interact with all the various features of the platform as intended. If I want to see things chronologically I can (I’m pretty sure that’s still a thing you can toggle) but I honestly haven’t done it since they made the algorithmic timeline an option.

That said, I recognize that some folks who are “power users” really benefit from multiple timelines, filtering, and all those good things. I’m just not one of them, so for me the native app provides a consistent and enjoyable window into the network on iPhone and iPad. Even the much-maligned single column is actually very much a benefit to me. Just because there’s room to stuff more information into an interface, doesn’t mean that’s what I want. The current design is clean and easy to parse.

It’s like with task managers…some people want the tremendous granularity and control of Omnifocus, while others prefer a more streamlined option like Things. I’m firmly in the latter camp on both fronts.

The closest thing to a problem that I have with native Twitter is that I have to see the ads.

Somehow, it doesn’t bother me very much; I suspect we’ve all gotten pretty good at ignoring them. I think the reason ads seem frustrating is that they’re noise to the signal of your followers’ content. But that assumes all your followers’ content is worth seeing and all ads are not, and that’s an assumption I’ve unlearned over the years. The algorithmic timeline does what I consider to be a great job surfacing the actually-worthy tweets from my followers, so really all I’m doing is seeing ads or suggested content instead of uninteresting tweets from my followers.

Despite not being very active, I consider Twitter to be an enjoyable and important platform, and unfortunately ads are how they stay in business…so I don’t mind doing my part to support them. I’d gladly pay them money for an ad-free version, but modern companies are allergic to honest transactions so we do what we can.



Who says I want to see tweets from people I don’t know!? I follow nearly 5,000 people, segregated into carefully constructed lists, and I see pretty much what for me is worth seeing, in a customized river of tweets.

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Yeah you’re really using the power features of Tweetbot. I follow about 300 people and that’s it. So I don’t know if I’m better off using the native app

I use Tweetbot. I follow the people I follow and some of them retweet things, but I want my tweets in the order they were posted, not in some arbitrary order.

I limit the number of people I follow to 150 to ensure the number of tweets is manageable.

I’m not bothered about notifications. I reply to tweets when I open the app to read rather than replying straight away anyway.


I’ve assiduously curated news, website and personal Twitter accounts and put each one into at least one list (eg Mac, Photo, Eat/Drink, Local, Music, News, Consumer/Deals, Op-Ed, Health, etc). Not only does this let me target trending news, but in conjunction with (and it’s iOS app) I can quickly see the most commonly shared news stories in each of those curated sections, sorted by # of friends who posted or by time, and also sortable within the last 1/2/4/8/24 hours or even on the last several days. It lets me see which of my friends shared the story, what their tweet was, and if there’s a story I want to read later I can with a single click send it to my preferred read-later service. I use Twitter via Nuzzel more than I use Twitter or Tweetbot, and it works amazingly nicely once one creates lists. Also, you can follow other people’s Twitter feeds via Nuzzel as well.

And Nuzzel also offers a section called ‘News From Friends of Friends’ which for me does a better job than Twitter itself does of giving me interesting news/tweets from people I don’t follow.

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Sounds a lot like my use. I also like Tweetbot for just the clean interface to be honest. And the ability to mute hashtags is also very nice, which I don’t believe is possible through the Twitter iOS app?

I’m very pedantic about what I see in my feed. I hate retweets so they’re mostly turned off for all accounts I follow. I mute hashtags and people and keywords, which I also don’t think is possible in the native twitter app, on a whim. So I have more muted words and hashtags and accounts than what I follow. But I like that cause I just see what I wanna see

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Brilliant! I never really got that deep into Nuzzel. I have it set to send me a notification if 5 of the accounts I follow share the same link. Then it’s usually pretty relevant to me.

But unlike the US, Twitter never really caught on with just ordinary people in Europe and Denmark where I’m at. People here use Facebook a lot as their primary social media. I prefer Twitter but I have very few friends, one or two, who consciously use the platform. It’s a much smaller medium here. So the account I follow are not friends at all they’re people with whom I share an interest or who’s part of the Apple community which is a big part of my twitter feed.

Same for me. But I use it to get breaking news, and site updates, and I benefit from people with interesting opinions passing along interesting news and comments.

I really am not that interested in the personally social aspects of social media. I use Twitter as a curated alt-RSS feed.

And that’s aside from the several thousand sites I actually follow via RSS, many of which update rarely, but which give me a different way to see current updates.

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I’m a Twitterrific user and while it has Mute, I really like its Muffle feature. What Muffle does is that it collapsed the tweet /topic you muffle into just one line. And you could tap the line to expand it to see it’s content. Mute, on the other hand, removes it totally from timeline.

If the native Twitter app has this feature, I think I can move away from Twitterrific. Native Twitter app has been a huge improvements lately and there’s very little reason to try third party app, to be honest.

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A little of that goes a long way for me. The official Twitter app, like Facebook, has too low a signal-to-noise ratio.


Are people still migrating from Tweetbot and other 3 rd party Twitter clients to Twitter’s own app?

I use both on iOS and iPadOS exclusively. I mainly scroll through my timeline in Tweetbot and then I use Twitter’s app to get notifications of likes and DMs etc that Tweetbot can’t deliver.

The main reason that I don’t switch to Twitter’s app full time is the fact that I have a few hundred muted key words, hashtags, users etc.

I wouldn’t want to have to go through and recreate those in the Twitter app as well.

I suggested an export option for Tweetbot of those muted things, but I don’t think they will deliver.

Does anyone know of a way to import all of one’s muted words, hashtags etc into the native Twitter client?

I’ve now installed Twitter on my ipad, just to get feedback on likes. I use Tweetbot to “read” twitter though as I don’t like the adds and want my timeline in Chronologial order.

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You can set the Twitter app to show you tweets in (reverse) chronological order.
There’s no getting rid of the ads, though.

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Thanks, but I’m still happy with Tweetbot over the twitter app.

Oh, I would be, too, if I could figure out a way to send an already-posted message as a DM (I need that to get tweets/threads to ReadWise, and it’s easily done in Twitter’s own app).

Tweetbot is otherwise a much nicer experience.

The official Twitter app will show inline previews of links. Will Tweetbot or Twitterific do that?

As far as I can see, no, which has kept me on the official Twitter client, and on the desktop. But I’m rethinking that.

I read several important twitter accounts in my RSS reader, which is Inoreader. Most RSS readers nowadays will support doing the same.