Status Board 2.0

I expect I’ll take another shellacking for this, but my Status Board has evolved again …


I don’t for the life of me understand why people shellack you when everybody wants a kanban everywhere. It works for you, more power to you – and it’s great looking! :+1:


< random > My favorite fun fact about shellac is that it’s bug spit. </ random >


Btw, a quick approach to adding items to a Kanban in Obsidian uses the Workbench plugin:


A few weeks back, I built my status board in Obsidian as well using the Kanban plugin.

Great minds and all that…

Kanban plugin also allows you to surface a YAML Frontmatter field with markdown in it. I’d imagine you’d be able to do something like this at the top of a project note to link directly to OmniFocus from the Kanban board:

omnifocus: "[OF](<OmniFocus link here>)"

Project note stuff here

And then set your Kanban Linked Page Metadata as such:




Great idea Justin. I have been using YAML. I just didn’t see they added it to the Kanban plugin already.


@ryanjamurphy I’ve been meaning to dig in on your Workbench plugin. Now I’ve got absolutely no excuse to figure it out.


I guess it will be time for me to do some experimenting as well.

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I think this is cool, but are you double managing the project in OF and Obsidian? Or do only “Active” projects on your status Board earn a place in OmniFocus?

As a litigator I’m having some difficulty managing CaseFiles on the one hand and Projects and Tasks related to those cases on the other. I thought about tracking cases on something similar, but it felt duplicative with my OmniFocus.

It would be nice to see how you float between your task manager and your status board. Unless of course your status board is merely a visual representation of what is already deemed Active or On Hold in OmniFocus.

I’ve been doing Kanban and OmniFocus for some time. Perhaps these hints might be useful.

  • I keep the Kanban view showing cards solely at the PROJECT level. I do not bring tasks into the Kanban view.

  • My Kanban lanes track in sequence as Collection Bin, Inbox, On Deck, (In Orbit, Parked), and (To Land, Dropped). The difference between In Orbit and Parked is that the latter holds projects that are “waiting on” external actions while the former holds projects where the next action is under my immediate direction.

  • Projects that are On Hold in OmniFocus get put back to the Collection Bin.

  • Any Project that is not In Orbit or To Land is never allowed to have a flagged task as its next action.


I find the effort of creating a URL link between Obsidian and OmniFocus quite easy. For the trivial amount of time that takes, I get a big-boy task manager plus Obsidian. While I could keep real simple task lists in Obsidian, it really doesn’t hold a candle to something like OF.