Stephen Coulbert Shortcut

I am working on learning shortcuts but I’m not sure how is your difficult this will be. Every morning I get up first thing went to listen to the Colbert monologue and YouTube. I would love the shortcut to open up YouTube find the latest Colbert Report and start playing.

Is this even possible? Hey suggestions on how to do it would be appreciated

Not sure about this shortcut, I’m not advanced at all. But you should check out the

(I’m assuming “and YouTube” is a typo for “on YouTube”)

I took a look at Colbert’s YouTube page, which appears to be

(I’m surprised they don’t have a better/custom URL? But that’s another point.)

Then I went and found my saved note on “How do I get an RSS feed for a YouTube channel?” Which led me to check this URL:

(Note that the long string is the same in both cases.)

It appears that each show is uploaded to YouTube as several different videos, and I’m not sure it would be possible to programmatically identify which one of those is the monologue.

However, having said, that, I think it would probably be fairly easy to make a Shortcut that parses an RSS feed and shows you the ¿5? most-recent videos in a list, which you can then tap to watch one.

In fact, such a Shortcut may already exist that you could fairly easily modify for your purposes.

Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to create a Shortcut which simply opens

Which, I presume, will open in the YouTube app if you have it installed, which would bring you to the YouTube page and simply tap into the latest playlist, but those are probably the steps you were trying to avoid via automation :slight_smile:

Personally i wouldn’t try to get too clever and spending a lot of time on this. I’d just turn the Colbert Show videos-list into a one-tap icon for my iOS home screen. That would leave you 2 taps away from the video.

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