Steps from Health App into Apple Watch/Fitness & Watch Band Recs

So I took the plunge and got myself an Apple Watch. (Thanks to everyone who helped me with this decision.)

I’m wondering if the steps, activity, etc. that I already had in my iPhone Health app will transfer to Apple Watch/Fitness app.

So, for example, today before I got and set up my Apple Watch, I played an 1.5 hours of tennis and got 14K steps. They are in my Health app, but they aren’t appearing in my Apple Watch Fitness numbers.

Will this eventually sync, is there a way to make it sync, or do I just have to accept that my years of data won’t move over?

And does anyone have recommendations for good but less expensive than Apple aftermarket bands?

Thanks for your help.

Your Data is stored within Apple Health, and therefore not lost, but it will not appear within Apple Fitness.
Apple Fitness just acts as a kind of an (additional) input source for Apple Health, not the other way around.

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Which sucks. I sometimes don’t wear my watch and the steps counted by the phone don’t go toward closing the rings.

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Yeah, I know… :smiling_face_with_tear:
But you can adjust your goals…

Thank you both so much! I agree that it is kind of annoying. I’m also finding as I set up automations that not all of the workouts that have been added to the workout app are available in the automations “When you start a workout.” Lots of annoying little things like that.

But I really appreciate the help.

I think you will find out pretty soon, that the Watch has way more advantages, than little “glitches”…

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It’s only been 2 days, and I’m already discovering that. I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for the help.

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