Steve Wozniak says "Haven't been this excited since Apple 2"

That’s quite an endorsement from Wozniak

I don’t quite see what makes this such an outstanding application but maybe I am missing something.


Digital asset management is a nightmare. If Air has really solved the difficulty, then that’s great for people who need it (marketing and communication in large organizations).

However, it’s still a system (piece of software) that you need to learn how to use, and that’s a big part of why DAM is so difficult. Everyone using a computer has created their own system for managing their stuff, and trading that for someone else’s system is neither easy nor compelling.

Heck, most of my clients still don’t really understand Dropbox. Air is out of their reach.


There is a lot of room for improvement in the marketplace for collaboration tools. It still feels like early days.

I bet Woz says this on every date.

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For a lot of my users their system was ‘dump it on the Desktop’.


Anything that can replace Dropbox, for me, is an instant yes