Stiching or collage kind of iOs app


I’m looking for an App on iOS which could help me “glue” 2 images (often screenshots) together. On Mac, I use a simple imagine editing app (acorn), but can’t find something similar. What are you using ?

Attached 2 screenshots I’d like to put together on iOS (vertically, there is an overlap too), as an example :slight_smile:

IMG_0004 IMG_0005


(for the curious, this is Opticale the game app, also in english too)

There are many screenshot stitching apps out there, I’ve been using Tailor but it can struggle if the images are quite similar (think Workflow/Shortcuts). I’ve also used Pixelmator to do this manually!

I use Workflow to do this. The Combine Images action does exactly what you’re asking for.