Stickers and skins when trading in a device

Anybody know if you have to remove stickers and skins from your iPhone when you try to trade them in? I want to sticker bomb my iPhone, but I don’t want to have to rip off all of the stickers when I go to upgrade.

I had to remove my phone from it’s case before Apple would do a battery replacement. Since skins & stickers would hide “any breaks or cracks”, I suspect you’ll need to “rip off all of the stickers”.

How about applying the stickers to a very thin case?

  • Physical Condition. Your Financed iPhone must be in good physical and operational condition, as determined solely by Apple or Apple’s trade-in service provider (“Trade-In Service Provider”). It must (i) power on and hold a charge; (ii) have an intact and functioning display; and (iii) cannot have any breaks or cracks.

I’ve done trade ins at Apple as well as Gazelle and never removed any stickers. Didn’t effect the value.

I sold a MacBook Air with a Bayern Munich sticker on it … and charged more! :wink:

Well, if you need to take them off, Goo-Gone and/or Goof-Off should do the trick.

Caveat emptor, I’ve never used either on an Apple device.