Stickers for goodnotes

I recently started usong the stckers in goodnotes and I really like it. I’m not constantly looking for new ressouces in both useful icons and stickers. The goodnotes homepage is a good way to start this journey and one can find also resources by browsing through Pinterest. Does anybody have good resources on free stickers anc icons apart from the those mentioned on the goodnotes homepage

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I don’t have resources to share, but I wanted to chime in to say that I’m liking stickers, too.

Just this week, for example, I was working on a modification to the Business Model Canvas and I created a sticker for the grid that supports it and played around with filling the boxes in several different ways until I got it the way I wanted. This is what the sticker looks like:

My old way of doing this was the keep a page with the blank template and duplicate it for each iteration, but this is more elegant and useful across notebooks.

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I have found tons of uses for goodnotes stickers. I have made my own and I also take screenshots of things I like to make into stickers. For example, I wanted a “caution” sticker, so I found something I liked, screen captured it, and made it a sticker.

SuperStamps has lots of stickers. It’s a good collection of stamps/stickers

I’m not affiliated in anyway. Although I hate the customer support from them and they are very rude. I just wanted the stickers and I purchased them. There ends the relationship.

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I didn’t even realize you could do this! I’ll mainly use my own photos but Pinterest is a tremendous idea!

I am tempted by Superstamps, I have a subscription to the noun project and I find myself using it all the time, way more often than I anticipated. Did you research alternatives before opting for it? I’ll Google but if you already did the research… :grimacing:

@MarcMagn1 i did not do much research. I was using Snagit back in 2010 times. It was recommended for that on TechSmith’s website. Since then I have been using it and have been upgrading them along the years and picked up on Mac since 2011.

Every now and then I cruise Etsy for Goodnotes sticker packs. Found this one for $13

and I picked up these cool neon stickers