Stickers! iPad Keyboard Decoration

Alright, I didn’t think I would have joined the sticker club, but the new keyboard cover for the iPad Pro is so boring!

So I started making my keyboard interesting and fun to look at! Anyone else making the plunge?

Oh, and I did what Apple should have done to begin with — Apple logo on the back!




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I had to look twice to see which finger that was on the front. :wink:

I love your Stitch sticker by the way.

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Have to say I wouldn’t normally, but I’m starting to think I will put stickers on mine.

Does anyone know how to buy a MPU sticker? I vaguely remember @MacSparky taking about it a few shows back but now can’t find it.

I tried tweeting him but haven’t heard back (it’s a busy time of year). I was wondering if we could actually send a postage-paid envelope! Need an MPU sticker for sure!


I might use my student’s laptop as inspiration:


Most critical tech question of the day!
The back of the folio is very boring (not even an Apple logo) and it’s very tempting to stick something on it.
Did anybody try? How does it age?

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In the early 90’s magician Penn Jillette wrote a column for PC Computing magazine. I remember one urged people not to baby or fear their computer or feel the need to keep it pristine but to customize it and make it theirs, and he recommended putting stickers all over it. A fairly radical opinion at the time.

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While I am not a sticker guy, I do try to have this sort of attitude towards my computing devices (and other stuff I own). I buy these things to use them, not to keep them on a plinth in a museum. As long as it doesn’t affect their functionality, I’m not going to obsess over every scratch and mark. Wear and tear is part of life.

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I had stickers on my MacBook Air but they reduced the hand-me-down value to my wife.

I’m planning to get a skin for my MacBook Pro and add the stickers to the skin. Then, when it’s time to retire the MBP I can keep the skin with the stickers on it. Better all around!


Yah I think stickers on the keyboard cover are a good way to go — the iPad is still in great shape for resale but I get all the fun of stickers!

When in doubt, go with a skin or a thin case that you can put stickers all over.

I resell 90% of the devices I buy, and don’t want to spend time with a a cloth and a bottle of Goo-Gone, trying to get all the adhesive off.

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When I read that article (gosh, maybe 25 years ago) I thought, Well of course you’d want to cover up your ugly Windows PCs.

Like you I’d rather use my gear, and I don’t mind scratches or wear marks. My pocket pen is a nicely patinated and worn brass pen, its looks improved by marks of time. The only reason I have a case on my iPhone is to make it less slippery. But I’ve never been a sticker guy.

Did he ever reply? (we really need an MPU sticker)

Nope. @MacSparky, any chance we can send a prepaid envelope somewhere for an MPU sticker? Or do any of the partners you’ve made them with allow purchasing from them? I know it’s a long shot and that stickers are a pain to mail one-by-one, but I thought I’d ask!


I send the stickers out in batches. I’ve actually set time aside for this. I don’t mind paying postage. Just email me ( your address and I’ll send them out. If you’re not in U.S., it’s a bit more difficult but we’ll sort it out.