Stocard Replacement

Stocard has been removed from the App Store. What replacement apps are you all using? My candidate needs to have a solid Apple Watch companion. Bonus points if it could import all my Stocard cards, but that’s probably not possible.

Key Ring.

But Stocard is returning. It was pulled for a “technical issue”

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Thanks @bowline! I missed that in my search.

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Good to hear. Stocard is one of my most-used apps, and I’ve recommended it to others. It’s one of my most frequently used apps in my watch. I live in Thailand and have my club cards in my watch. The other day I was in my local Tesco Lotus Express and showed the barcode on my watch. The cashier pointed to my watch and said, “High tech.” Then she pointed to her head and said, “Low tech.”

I was having a lot of trouble with Stocard where my watch wouldn’t show the barcodes right when I needed it to. So I swapped to Mobile-pocket. It’s not perfect either and probably in most cases it’s apple’s watch system which is well known to be buggy.

FYI I just noticed a new Stocard update in my App Store queue, and just downloaded it.

I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t incorporate this feature in Wallet.

You can, to a limited degree. Apple Wallet currently only supports a few barcode types (QR, Aztec, PDF417 and Code 128) but any loyalty card using those barcode types can be added by scanning.

You can even transfer cards in those types from an app like Stocard, using the three-dot menu and ‘Add to Apple Wallet’. However, since Stocard supports more barcode types than the Wallet app, there might be cards in Stocard that you cannot add to the Apple Wallet.

Thank you, I did not realize that. As usual, you are extraordinarily helpful. :slight_smile:

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Yes. I wish Wallet were more user friendly. When I can use it, it’s great. But there were so many things that it wasn’t compatible with I just use Stocard to hold all the rest. Occasionally, even then I run into problems with old card readers that want me to swipe a physical card, but more and more that seems to be relatively rare. I’m in a small rural town and even the adoption of Apple Pay has been excruciatingly slow here.