Stop Big Sur installing!

I know that Big Sur is out, but I want to wait a little while before installing. My computer on System Preferences is now showing that there is an update available as Big Sur is out. Any idea how I stop it doing this, until as such time I am ready (and comfortable) installing it. Google doesn’t seem to help with this one! Thanks.

It will keep nagging you to install it daily, but it won’t do anything without your consent. (I held off on Catalina until two days ago like this.)


In previous versions of macOS, you could get the Nag Bubble to go away by entering this in Terminal when System Preferences was not running:

defaults write AttentionPrefBundleIDs 0

I have a Keyboard Maestro macro that runs that every time System quits on my Mojave machine.

Sometimes it still shows up if you go awhile without running System Preferences.

Super annoying and bad behavior from Apple that they 100% should not do.


I just installed Catalina about one week ago.

Can not install Big Sur due to the age of the mbpro 2012

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I have a MacBook Pro late October 2012 come are you saying that I can always call Big Sur

Thanks. I found a workaround so at least I don’t see the red flag… Use an alias… Thanks for your help.

Here is what worked for me to get rid of the red notification ballon and still have access to System Preferences from the dock.

Replace the Systems Preferences icon on the dock with its Alias:

  1. Remove System Preferences icon from dock (either drag icon off dock or right-click on it and choose “Options” and then “Remove from Dock”).
  2. In a Finder window navigate to the Applications folder, right-click on the Systems Preferences app and choose “Make Alias”.
  3. Add the alias file to the dock by dragging it to the desired location on the dock.

The oldest MacBook Pros that support Big Sur are the Late 2013 models: