Stop macOS Dock from switching displays on a multiple display system

Is there an option to stop the dock from automatically moving from one screen to another when moving the mouse at the bottom of the screen on multiple screen configurations?

Many application have tabs, buttons, or other user interactive controls at the bottom of their application window. When the user moves the mouse to the bottom of the window to interact with these items, the Dock often (always for me ) interprets that movement as a signal for the Dock to move to the Display that application is on.

This interrupts the users workflow as I now have to stop what Iā€™m are doing in order to move the Dock back to where I want it. Perhaps as much as hundreds of time each day.

I really love to disable mouse gestures from relocating the Dock as that would save me a ton of time in lost productivity and frustration caused by the current behavior.

I submitted this to Apple feedback this morning.

Put the dock on the side of one screen rather than at the bottom of all screens.