Stop the Podcasts app from pausing download of show

How do I tell Apples Podcast app not to stop downloading new episodes of shows just because I haven’t listen to that particular show in a while?

Or alternative players that don’t do that.

My guess is you can’t tell Apple’s app to keep downloading. On the other hand, every app I have used will keep downloading if you have it set up to. Overcast you can tell it to keep however many episodes. I believe it will keep downloading new episodes, it will just delete the old ones. You could set it to a high number of episodes though.

There is really no reason to ever use the Podcast app. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like trying to give Apples apps the benefit of the doubt. :joy:

There used to be an AppleScript to tell iTunes to keep downloading podcasts even if you have not listened, but I’m not sure it would work with the updated “Podcasts” app.

Personally I just use Overcast, but that requires an M1 Mac. I believe Downcast had a Mac app.