Stop Twitter Links from opening macOS Twitter App

So no secret that the macOS Twitter is a Mess and since tweetbot was killed by the Twitter API I had to that mac app and I Installed the Twitter macOS App. It’s not too bad for browsing twitter but if I see a twitter link in a browser or in iMessage and I Click it I’d prefer to view the tweet in a browser but it always launches the default twitter app (which I don’t keep running) which takes a long time to launch and eventually show the tweet.

I even tried setting a rule in Choosy to open links from those source applications in the browser but the slow-moving macOS app still always launches.

BESIDES uninstalling (since I do like it for browsing) is there anyway to stop this?

In a browser, can you right click the link (or long press on iOS) and choose to open in the background?

There was once a way to prevent this from happening, by disallowing Pop-Ups in the Safari settings, but I do not know, if this will still work.