Stopwatch or Timer App thaf lets you take notes?

Does anyone know of an app that is a stopwatch with option to note splits/laps but make notes on those splits/laps?

Or if anyone has any ideas for alternative methods to record notes specific to a point in time (by second)?

Goal is as we are recording video to note when the possible good takes happen within a full length clip of continuous recording so it’s faster to edit the clips later.

I found this in the Drafts5 Action Directory that seems to do what you need:

Write the notes on the line after the time entry, run the action again to add the next time entry to the bottom.


As the action is in the actuon directory already, it will work with the free version of Drafts5 as well.


WOW - even better that it is in Drafts! Fantastic! Thank you!


Stopwatch action author here. Glad others are finding this action useful!


Well that makes discovering this that much better. Haha. Thanks for creating it! I played around and it is exactly what I was looking for! :blush:


Hi there. Thanks for the action. Is there a way to attach the notes to a stopwatch not the current time? Or if it’s already there, could explain how to do that?

You can go back to previous laps to add or edit notes. For example, during lap 3 I edited the notes for lap 1.

Hopefully I got your question right.

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I don’t know whether I’m being clear lol. Let’s say I’m listening to a lecture and I’m recording it. So obviously the recording time will start from zero, not according to the current time in my watch. What I’m looking for is an option to be able to put timestamps on those recordings by simply starting the recording and the stopwatch simultaneously and adding a note for each lap which will stand for every digression of the lecturer. Hope I made it clear now.

The timestamps at the beginning of the lines do show the hour, minute, and second in the format hh:mm:ss.

Does the give you what you need? If not, can you give an example screen shot of what you’d ideally like to see?

I guess it would be something like this. As you can see it starts from zero. It’s not in accordance to the current time. Hope I made it clear

The action uses the hh:mm:ss timestamps to calculate the lap and elapsed times. But, you could write an action that runs at the end to strip out the timestamp and lap times:

12:49:02 >> Start
12:49:05 >> Lap 1  00:03 / 00:03
12:49:06 >> Lap 2  00:01 / 00:04
12:49:07 >> Lap 3  00:01 / 00:05
12:49:08 >> Lap 4  00:01 / 00:06

To give you something like:


Hiya, I LOVE the idea of this Stopwatch action. Do you know if there is a way to use this on a Windows laptop, or an alternative?

This Stopwatch action tool looks amazing! Do you know if there is a way to use this on a Windows laptop, or an alternative?

I’m not really sure. I haven’t used Windows since Windows ME.


What would be the script for the action at the end to strip out the timestamp and laps time?