Storing documents in iCloud without a local copy of the document?

I have been using the selective sync option in dropbox to avoid keeping a local copy of a file. I didn’t know that you could the same thing with iCloud. I am running 10.15.3 and today I noticed an option when I right clicked on a file in finder. There was a “Delete Download” option. When I tried it, it appears that the file was removed from my local drive, but remained in iCloud.

Has anyone seen this and is this working the way that I think it is?


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Yes, that’s how it works!

Yes, but what iCloud lacks (one thing, at least) is a way to say “Keep this file local”.

One of Apple’s most persistent failings is that they assume that you will have very fast, unmetered Internet access all the time. Which may be true is you work for Apple, but is not true for the rest of us.