Storing Messages in iCloud just doesn't seem to work

So, I just started turning on iMessages in iCloud so that all my devices stay in sync. I honestly think the capabilities is sub par and just doesn’t work.

Basically, when I first turned it on, everything that was on my computer was instantly synced to my iOS devices. This was a pain since I had thousands of messages on Messages on OSX since I didn’t delete them. This I considered a minor issue, since Apple never asked me “What Device” should be the default system of record for iMessages.

However, after I deleted all the messages, I assumed that any message that is deleted on my iPhone is automatically deleted on my computer.

On my iPhone right now, I have 21 messages in Messages. The earliest message was 6/24/18
On my Work Mac OSX, I have about 350 messages all the ways back to 2017
On my iPad Pro, I have about 75 message and the earliest is 4/11/18

What the heck am I doing wrong?

Hmm… I’d log out from iCloud on all devices, reboot all devices, and then log-in on the iPhone first, enable Messages in iCloud and wait for the iPhone to finish sync.
Then I would do the same on the iPad, and then the MacBook.

Hopefully, that’ll do the trick for you.

Let us know. It’s actually been more stable for me … no more messages out of order.

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I have always had issues with storing messages and it’s stability since the announcement.
Responses are not in sync, messages disappearing.

Best example that I have so far. I have a group message with my family. Every few days it says “I left the conversation” and have difficulty finding the message thread on my iPhone, because of this.

I have another group thread that magically duplicated and I have messages scattered across 2 groups.

(Yes, I have rebooted countless times)

@Tonny_Bukdahl - Do you mean to turn off iCloud Syncing as well before I log out?

Yeah, I would deactivate all iCloud sync services, before logging out, so you’re sure that it’s a “fresh” start when you log in to iCloud on your devices.

Word of caution: always take a backup of any data that you just can’t afford to lose (sometimes things that shouldn’t happen actually happens - so better to be safe than sorry)

I’ve had absolutely no luck with messages in iCloud. My devices remain out of sync despite the usual trouble shooting - sign out, sign in etc. The iPad and iPhone are marginally more in sync but the MacBook is all over the place.

My devices don’t appear to be perfectly in sync either.

I found that some of my devices in the Messages settings were set to email addresses. Once I made sure that all my devices were set to my phone number and only my phone number, the syncing has been perfect between my devices.