Storing of Sensative Personal Documents Online?

Just wondering what would be the best way or place online to store sensative personal documents online as a backup. For example, bills with receipts that may include banking details?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Not sure about “the best”, but 1Password Secure Documents is a good way for 1Password subscribers (up to 1 GB of storage I believe).


You can create an encrypted disk image, store your files within, then backup the disk image wherever you’d like.


Hi, Do you care to expand? Maybe some tools that you recommend. Not a Power User by any means but wishing to get there :slight_smile:


I think it depends on what you mean by “store online.”

If you mean an off-site / cliudnbackup, then you are looking for a secure encrypted cloud backup solution. I favor Arq to the backend of your choice (I use B2 but there are plenty of choices) but you will find BackBlaze to be a popular and easy choice around here. I believe BackBlaze allows you to set your own additional encryption password which means your data is more secure (BackBlaze cannot decrypt it) but also means they cannot shiomyou a restore disk so you have to restore via download.

If you mean an online store where your working files are available to you remotely for active work, then one solution is as mentioned to put them into an encrypted disk image and put that image online. You can do so anywhere you like, eg OneDrive, DrolBox, Evernote, etc. However, bear in mind that to work with the files you will need to download the dmg, open it with your password, do your work, and reupload it. Not that efficient for files you work with frequently, requires MacOS (not iOS compatible).

Other options: you can look into an encrypted Dropbox equivalent. I believe SpiderOak has this functionality. I don’t know how well its security has been verified and have never checked to see if there is an iOS client.

My own solution, albeit complex and more costly upfront, is a Synology NAS. To access files, I make a VPN connection and then mount the appropriate share. Fully secure and access to my working files. For things used highly frequently, I use Synology Drive (the replacement for Synology CloduStation) to keep a Dropbox - like folder on my NAS, laptop, and home MacMini server. I can acces those files instantly just like Dropbox, use the iOS app (I have it set up to use https for all file transfers for security), restore changed or deleted files, and have virtually unlimited storage since I own the server.

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Thank you for the informative and the many suggestions but at present I think SpiderOak is what I am looking for, I will have investigate this further. Thanks

Here is a strong encryption service for online storage:

Thank you I will give it a look.

May I suggest Keybase, at It is free, open source and provides a decent amount (250Gb I think) of end-to-end encrypted storage. As with iCloud, DropBox etc, once you install their app, you see the storage in the Finder, making it really easy to use.

This may be contrarian with this group, but I don’t store certain items in the cloud. Documents like tax forms, banking records, health records, estate planning papers, property deeds, NDAs with old girlfriends, etc. do not go online. Rather, I simply store two electronic copies on encrypted drives… one stored in the fireproof house safe, and the other in the safe deposit box at the bank.