Strategy for keeping passwords in 1password, the apple keychain and Chrome (at the same time)?

Today I found out that one of my “oldest password” is in the open because of a breach.
I am using both 1password, the Apple keychain, and Chromes password service. (And on all my services that I’ve used for several years, they have unique passwords)
My thought was to use 1password to change them all to single unique passwords.
But what with the other two services? How will I let them know the new passwords.
Any thoughts and ideas?

I don’t use Chrome’s password service, but as for the other two if I change a password on a site both 1Password and Keychain generally notice and offer to update themselves. I suppose I don’t need to use Keychain, but I do because it seems easier to use on iPhone/iPads.

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OK. So far I have discovered that iPassword will not change my password (that is breached) on the site I have used it on. I need to do that manually one site at the time.
The same goes for Google Chromes password service and iCloud password service.
Either I have to do the same procedure for both, or stop using them.
Have I missed anything?

1Password is my master list but I also use Keychain for a few sites and handle password changes the same way as @anon41602260.

Since the 1PW extension works on Chrome, what advantage do you get from saving your passwords on Google Chrome?

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FWIW, I have lots of sites that 1Password reports as compromised. I review the Watchtower report from time to time, and only change the ones that actually would have been sites that contain personal information. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.

I doubt many websites would care to allow a 1Password bot access it and change a password for you.

I would recommend using 1 service for passwords.
Just curious: Why would you want to keep the others around?


OK, this is the way I am going to solve my problem.

  1. Import the passwords from Google Chrome to 1Password
  2. Inactivate ICloud password service
  3. Charge the ”compromiced” ooooold passwords
    All Done.
    Thank you all for helping out
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