Streaks alternative?

I really liked and used Streaks on the iPhone for quite a while. But notifications are permanently broken for me. Several updates have come that didn’t fix it.
So: Can someone recommend a good alternative with customizable alerts? Please no subscription model, but I’ll happily pay a one time purchase if it’s worth it.
There are so many apps like it, it’s impossible to identify the good ones.

I don’t know about notification settings, as I have most of them turned off. But I have been enjoying (Not Boring) Habits by Andy Works. There is a free 7 day trial,

(opps, I see it is subscription, but I still like it)

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I also use this app. You can use it for free, I haven’t found any limitations aside from the occasional nag and paywalled widgets.

If you haven’t already, I recommend reaching out Streaks Support (you’ll find a link on their website). They may be able to offer a solution that will resolve the issue that you’re having with notifications.

I’ve been using Streaks for many years across all of my devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad) and don’t recall ever having any issues with notifications. I’ve also looked at other habit trackers and always come back to Streaks. For me, it has just the right balance between simplicity and flexibility.

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You’re right, I should try that first.

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I use both Streaks and Habits, only because I haven’t decided which one to settle on. I only track 1 habit (the rest just go in Reminders since they just have to happen sometime that day…or not). I depend on Due to nag me about the one habit. I only use Streaks and Habits to log the completion, a system that has worked well for a very long time.