Stream Deck 4.9.3 greatly improves performance on M1 Macs

For those of you who have seen ridiculously high CPU usage by Stream Deck on M1 Macs, you will rejoice to see this line from the release notes for Stream Deck 4.9.3:

Improve compatibility with Apple M1.

I have installed it and so far the difference is night-and-day. The Stream Deck app is soooooo much more responsive, and its CPU levels, even when making changes, is back to what I had seen on Intel Macs.

You can download Stream_Deck_4.9.3.13222.pkg here.


Off topic but kind of related. Would you care sharing your SteamDeck workflow, or how you use?

That’s also an open question for others using SteamDeck.

Thanks for this. I’ve found it so frustrating to date that I haven’t even gotten set up nicely.
Time to revisit.

That’s a good idea for a separate thread. I’ll try to write something up and post it to the forum. Will link it back here as well.