Stream Deck 5.0 & Keyboard Maestro Plug-In

Hi everyone,

I am re-setting up my Stream Deck on a new MacBook Pro and can’t seem to figure out how to get Keyboard Maestro Working again. The KM Wiki says you can add it in Stream Deck via the “More Actions” button, but that button is no longer on the bottom right. Additionally, the link to the Plugin is gone on the KM Wiki as far as I can tell.

Has anyone run into this issue? I feel like I’m missing something very obvious here…

Thanks in advance and as always,


I think the keyboard maestro plugin is now distributed with stream deck.

Try just searching for it and see if it appears.

There is also the KM Link plugin which is the one that David and Rosemary recommended on Automators a little while ago. I am using this to trigger my KM macros.


To get the Keyboard Maestro plugin, click on this thing here that looks like a keyboard but isn’t:

Then click on “Plugins” on the left… and type “maestro” into the search box:

If KM Link doesn’t appear, you can get it from here. I recommend installing both.

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Can’t stress this enough. One is not necessarily better than the other. They’re just different.

For @andybliss the plugin KM Link makes it easy to link to a Keyboard Maestro macro, but it does not allow Keyboard Maestro to communicate back to the button, for instance to set the icon or title.

The plugin called Keyboard Maestro is a little more complicated to setup and maintain, because you have to assign a virtual row and column as well as button ID to each button if you don’t want them interfering with each other (mainly across multiple profiles), but this allows you to have Keyboard Maestro communicate back to that button, to set it’s title or icon.

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Thanks so much! This is exactly what I needed; I clicked on that initially but it looked like it went to shopping-based stuff, so never unpacked it more closely. Really appreciate it!

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Glad it helped.

I really don’t like the new UI either.

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