Stream Deck? Is it useful?

Hi All,

So I teach, do some research, record some class videos, etc… I’m half interested in the middle of the line (15 button) Stream Deck, but am trying to discern if my interest is well placed or am I interested because it seems new and whiney.

If you aren’t an actual streamer, what use does the Stream Deck serve for y’all? How might it help me be/become more efficient? What are y’all doing to maximize its use?


If you like macros/shortcuts then it’s like adding 15 more keys to your keyboard

A great test of it would be useful is if you currently are a fan of Keyboard Maestro. If yes, then you can assign specific keys to Keyboard Maestro macros or palettes.

If Keyboard Maestro is not your thing or you do not find it to be useful, then I suspect a Streamdeck may not be particularly useful to you.

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Most of my keys are either:

  1. keyboard maestro launchers (via KMlink - not the default one) - this is the bulk of them
  2. zoom / powerpoint built in shortcuts

I love coming into work, plugging in my laptop, and pressing one button and it rearranges my screen (hides everything, then puts calendar and Omnifocus on one monitor, music on another, opens a few other things). I’ve got another to press when I leave where it unmount all my drives, hides everything, and notifies me when done so I know it is safe to unplug. I’ve got a few others that do complex zoom operations (most used is turn off my music, turn off sharing, turn on camera and microphone - another that does the inverse).

I agree with @rkaplan - if you like KM you’ll probably get a lot out of it. Or if you use zoom a lot it might be good too (I like having a big easy to find key for mute/unmute rather than using the keyboard).

You might be able to try it out with their mobile app - free for the first month. (I’m about to try it out as I’m deciding if I want to live the multi-streamdeck lifestyle with one at home too).


Mine are simple.

I like to have all my audio apps on the stream deck that I can access. Along with a few IFTTT commands for some automation. Currently, I would say my usage is “a 2nd dock but I don’t want them on my main dock”

Thanks folks - I appreciate the insights. I think I’m gonna grab the mid level deck this coming week. Moving more into videos and podcast type audio for classes I think it might be handy. And may push me into more automation. :slight_smile: love

Would you mind editing your post’s title to say “StreamDeck” or “Stream Deck”? You might get more traffic that way.



I wanted to give a late thanks - I didn’t even notice the hatchet job I did with spelling.

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