Stream Deck 'master' profiles

Hey all,

I’ve just got 3 stream deck’s - one for me and 2 the others that work in the business.

The Streamdeck’s will form an integral part of the business as they allow the team to perform complex macros (part of their workflows), without having to remember how to trigger them.

I am a bit confused on profiles though and after a bit of a google can’t seem to find the answer!

Is there a way to have a ‘master profile lookup’ so all of the SD’s remain up to date?


Is this similar to shortcuts where everytime you make an update, you have to re-share the profile?

Thanks in advance!

A Stream Deck is configured through the Stream Deck app on the machine it is connected to. Don’t think you can provision profiles remotely.

That said you can create a network folder with master profiles in it (create them on one and export them) and use those to import on each Stream Deck. I would distinguish between MASTER profiles and USER profiles in the naming convention so everyone knows what and where to make changes.

Please not that everything containing file paths and on-computer locations might differ per computer so definitely needs some discipline managing MASTER profiles.

I really wish Stream Deck had software worthy of it as a tool. One thing I do to compensate for the inability to do anything in bulk is I create my new profiles from a template profile. It’s just a profile called “Template” and it has a home key, a few blank pages, and a select few buttons that I know I want on every profile, one of which is a switch profile key that will take me to a profile dedicated to switching profiles. So the navigation relies on easy access to home and easy access to a collection of profiles. The other 11 or 12 keys left on the 15-key profile remain blank. Also there’s usually 3 other pages of blank spots ready to go. This saves a ton of time since I never have to add the inevitable home key or access to other profiles. I also have a naming convention for my profiles that helps a lot too. If they’re profiles triggered by an app, the file name starts with a_. If they are high priority, they start with 0_. If they are low priority x_. If they’re work related, w_; and so on.