Stream Deck plugin 'KM Link' not working

The KMlink plugin has stopped working for me since I updated to MacOS 11.3. Is this a known issue?
It looks like Stream Deck cannot link to Keyboard Maestro’s macros - the arrows just spin.

It seems to be working just fine here.

As far as I know, KM Link is, under the hood, just accessing Keyboard Maestro macros using their URLs, so I can’t imagine what would cause that to break.

Thanks for the feedback @tjluoma . Something is pretty wrong, my existing KM Link macros do not work and show a warning sign when i try to trigger them using a Stream deck button…

And when I try to add a new one I just get a spinning arrow. It is unable to load the list of KM macros…

All the macros work fine when I trigger then directly via Keyboard Maestro so it must be the KM Link plug somehow losing connection to Keyboard Maestro.

I suppose I could delete the plugin and reinstall it but would then need to recreate all my Stream Deck buttons which use the plugin… Loads! :frowning: