Stream Deck plugin 'KM Link' not working

The KMlink plugin has stopped working for me since I updated to MacOS 11.3. Is this a known issue?
It looks like Stream Deck cannot link to Keyboard Maestro’s macros - the arrows just spin.

It seems to be working just fine here.

As far as I know, KM Link is, under the hood, just accessing Keyboard Maestro macros using their URLs, so I can’t imagine what would cause that to break.

Thanks for the feedback @tjluoma . Something is pretty wrong, my existing KM Link macros do not work and show a warning sign when i try to trigger them using a Stream deck button…

And when I try to add a new one I just get a spinning arrow. It is unable to load the list of KM macros…

All the macros work fine when I trigger then directly via Keyboard Maestro so it must be the KM Link plug somehow losing connection to Keyboard Maestro.

I suppose I could delete the plugin and reinstall it but would then need to recreate all my Stream Deck buttons which use the plugin… Loads! :frowning:

Hi @timlawson, did you ever figure out the problem? My Stream Deck XL just arrived today, and KM Link under macOS 12.0.1 isn’t working either, although the KM macros work in KM.

“Regular” SD actions work just fine.

I wonder if your issue is related to the one I posted about in the Automators forum:

In my case, the Stream Deck software seems to be causing the problem, so I had to revert back to version 5.0.0. I should note I’m not using KM-Link; I’m just triggering Keyboard Maestro macros via their URLs using the Stream Deck’s website action.

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I updated to the latest version of SD and the plugin and it seemed to work OK. I am using it regularly now with no problems.

Got it figured out on the kmforums - mix of a bug and settings: New Stream Deck – KM Link Not Working - #8 by tiffle - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

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