Stream deck Spotify plugin missing Repeat Toggle

The official mac Spotify plugin for elgato stream deck is missing the Repeat Toggle and I discovered that the plugin folder already contains the icons as well as the apple script.

located in /Users/user/Library/Application Support/com.elgato.StreamDeck/Plugins

Perhaps they forgot to include it or had issues as the Repeat potentially has 3 states (repeat off, repeat song, repeat album/playlist) but the basic RepeatingToggle.scpt applescript works just fine turning repeat on or off.

I know how to just execute an applescript but I’d like to add support in the spotify plugin so it changes the icons according to the state as well. (maybe there could be a workaround for that as well)

I tried adding this by editing the only files I could find that contains references

  1. en.json
  2. manifest.json

basically copying the Shuffle Toggle and replace it with the words Repeat and point to repeat images, which makes the action appear in the stream deck configuration but it won’t execute the actual RepeatingToggle.scpt file.

In fact I don’t understand where the reference to that script is stored in? I did not even find any reference for the existing ShufflingToggle.scpt neither.

Anybody any Idea? Would that be in the “Spotify” executable file perhaps?

FYI - I also posted here applescript - Spotify stream deck plugin on mac missing Repeat Toggle - Stack Overflow

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