Stream Deck vs Alfred Remote?

Hi MPUers, I’ve been using Alfred for a while now but missed the Alfred Remote feature. I just came across this video and it seems really close to stream deck right?

Has anyone tried the Alfred Remote setup like in this video and used it as a buttons dashboard to do things?

Thoughts on it’s practicality?

One benefit I see here is the wireless setup of course. However, I based on the MPU pod about stream deck, seems like some folks like physical buttons?

PS: I don’t have a spare device right now, but would definitely like to try to this out

There’s alternatives to Alfred Remote too.

Honestly it’s just not the same. The tactile feedback of a Streamdeck along with the sexy luminescent buttons makes the 15 button one worth $100 if you can bag it on sale.


Like which one?

I can understand this, since I drove a Tesla the other day and not having tactile feedback was such a bummer :smile:.

Being nit-picky here but Stream Deck should make a wireless version.

Touch Portal for iOS


There is also a mobile version of Stream Deck

Subscription based :frowning:

You lose the use of your phone. Similar to why MetaGrid isn’t quite the hit on iPad I thought it’d be…

… Still using a 6- and a 15-button StreamDeck. Too mean to replace with a 32- and two pedals. :wink:

Yes, like Alfred…!
(And 21 more Characters)

It’s quite simple: It’s a dedicated device. It’s better at what it does, but it’s constricted in what it’s able to do.

Alfred isn’t subscription BTW. One time purchase for all future versions

Yes, and he offers also a purchase for the current version, which has to be renewed with each major release. :wink:

Are you referring to Stream Deck?
I use it only for a couple of weeks now, but beside washing my car, I haven’t found many restrictions yet… :grinning:

Why not both Alfred Remote AND StreamDeck? I’ve been using StreamDeck and just downloaded Alfred Remote.

Thanks for the post mentioning the Alfred Remote app – another app I knew nothing about and now own and use.

What I mean is that it’s restricted (sorry, used the wrong word) compared to an iPhone - you can’t use it to make calls or surf the web, but it’s a much better experience when using it to launch shortcuts.

I know, I’m cherrypicking now, but of course you can surf on the internet and make calls using the Stream Deck!
Everything depends on how Do you program the buttons… :wink: :innocent:

True :slight_smile:

I have to say, I love the tactility (possibly new word) of the Stream Deck.
In fact, I’ve longed for a physical iPhone keyboard ever since it launched - preferably Blackberry style. Attached when needed, of course - I wouldn’t want it all the time.

You are talking about something like that?

Exactly. Removable, preferably…