Streamdeck - it slips

I have a first-world problem: I gave two Streamdecks. And a very nice table (polished wood). So, each time I press a button, it slides back a few cm/an inch… which is annoying. Other than glueing them to the table…any ideas? Some kind of “no-slip” stuff?

Double sided Gorilla tape

It’s great, very adhesive, but peels off really well when you’ve finished.

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@LEE, Read the label of any tape you buy. The Gorilla tape I’ve used around the house is not removable and would be overkill for a slippery Streamdeck on a nice table. It’s made to be used outdoors where it gets beat on by rain and sun. See “Directions” at Gorilla Double-Sided Tape | Gorilla Glue where it says “May damage surface if removed.”

Non-slip mat. Local hardware store should have some.

Edit: apparently this is sometimes known as “drawer liner mat”


How about something like this. You would just need to find a size that works.

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I use Blu-tack and mine is stuck firmly to my desk surface, but, depending on your situation, you can take the newer model 15-key one out of its stand and lay it at a much shallower angle. This means button presses are much more ‘into the desk’ than ‘across the desk’.

I’d actually like a new stand that is half way between the two.

I suspect somebody has made a 3D printing model if you wanted to go that route.

No, this isn’t like Duck or Duct tape. It comes away cleanly, maybe I’ve linked the wrong version.

Ah, not Gorilla strength then. Maybe from their Snow Monkey line of tapes and adhesives that are milder and less grippy? :rofl: :joy:

I had the same problem, and after a year and a half realized that I had not removed the plastic film from the bottom. :man_facepalming:


Oh, I did that, too. But it still slips after a while.

If it moves at all it will slowly pick up dust from the surface around it (unless you work in a clean-room) and eventually there will be enough to let it slip a little more freely. Probably a damp cloth would solve it. For a while.

I did wonder about that, but don’t know anybody local with a 3D printer and at least a cursory search did not find any StreamDeck-specific models except for face-plates.

I bought a 3D printed stand for my StreamDeck XL that lowered the angle on Etsy, but the seller has gone inactive. But take a look on Etsy if this is something that you want. I think something like double-sided tape or even a 3M command strip can probably suffice.

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That’s what I am worried about.

Sadly, the local hardware store didn’t have any “no-slip-mats” that fit the bill.

So, pondering two options:

  • oder some no-slip rubbery mats
  • and the last suggestion “3D-printing” might be worth exploring

How about the kitchen section at your local big box department store (Target, Walmart, etc)? They have lots of neoprene hot pad thingies that might work.

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I discarded the idea of using any adhesive tape. Not really wanting to stick something onto my desk. Sanding and waxing…it was a lot of work.

What I did:

While my Stream Deck used to slide back if I pressed a button with more force than the lightest possible touch, it now “sticks” to the table. Combined with the shallower angle, I can pound at the buttons, 0 movement. I also think that the shallower angle is an improvement.

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