Streamdeck: Power Hungry


Problem solved. Streamdecks use a lot of power, and I had an issue with it crashing constantly. Turns out it was because the streamdeck needs a lot of power and it was not getting enough from my dock.

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Well, mine works with no issues (Mac mini M1, latest version of Big Sur).
Maybe something to troubleshoot on your setup? (Or you got a lemon)

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The flickering LCDs suggest to me that the problem is the connection between your Mac and the Stream Deck. The Stream Deck uses a USB 3.2 Gen 2 connection, and it is very demanding. The Stream Deck is most likely the most demanding piece of hardware in terms of requiring a strong connection to your Mac.

Do you have a USB-A-to-USB-C adapter, something like this, perhaps? If so, try connecting the Stream Deck directly to your Mac, and see how it works.

Are you using a hub? If so, which one? Is it powered? I have it connected to my CalDigit T3+ and have not had any issues with it at all.


It works flawlessly on my Intel Mac. I use Zoom mainly, which is the reason I bought it. Maybe it’s that or the PowerPoint plugin. I’ll troubleshoot if it crashes without those.

I use the Belkin Pro hub, which is powered but could be the issue.

I’ve got an adapter so I’ll try that too, direct to the Mac.

Sorry to hear about the frustration you’ve experienced — that sucks. However — other than when the M1 Macs were first released — Stream Deck has worked great for me on my M1 MacBook Air… exactly the same as my Intel MacBook Pro. So I think it should be a solvable problem for you.

The flickering definitely suggests to me that the issue is something related to power delivery. What I meant to add about the Stream Deck using USB 3.2 Gen 2 is that it is almost Thunderbolt rather than USB, but Stream Deck does not, IMO, make it very obvious that it has greater-than-usual power needs, but if you seek out support from them, it’s one of the first things they will ask about.



I’ve got it set up now with an adapter so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I’ll report back.


FWIW mine is plugged in a Thunderbolt 3 CalDigit hub (which is a beast for connections, so maybe that helps).

FYI - I did a quick Google search about flickering Stream Decks, and it seems that the two most likely causes are power or a failing LED board.

Hopefully it is not the latter, but Elgato has a “help” page available at if the issue persists.

To share another experience, I make extensive use of the Stream Deck XL and find that it works flawlessly with my M1 MacBook Pro.

In my case, I have it plugged into the USB hub that’s integrated into my 4K Dell display (P2715Q) with the monitor’s USB input connected to a Anker USB-C hub (PowerExpand 8-in-1). I previously had my Stream Deck connected to my iMac using a Belkin USB hub. That also worked well.

What you’ve said makes logical sense because the hub is powering a lot of other hardware (and the Macbook) and outputting to a 32" display via DisplayPort. I think it’s a lack or power. I had no idea a Streamdeck would be power hungry!

The LED board is fine because I plug in my Intel regularly and it never happens with that.

So far so good, with the adapter it’s not failed at all and normally it would have by now.

Oh good! I am glad to hear both things. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Me either! I assume it is because each of the buttons is like its own little screen? I was surprised by it as well, and wish they made that a little more explicit. Then again, I’m so used to everything saying “This works best when plugged directly into your computer” that I kind of tune it out and don’t pay attention to it.


Thanks everyone for the help :pray:


Glad to help. I think one of the best things is when the community can help find a solution for someone who is frustrated/angry/disappointed with something that isn’t working how it should.

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I just measured the power consumption of my XL Streamdeck.
.14 amps(140ma) at 5.0 volts = .70 watts. That is with 20 active spaces.

I don’t have any frame of reference to this to know how it compares to anything else, especially other USB peripherals.

I just checked my Samsung T5 500GB SSD drive and it uses 200 ma(1 watt). My Anker 10 port hub is rated at 900 ma per port or 10,000 ma overall. So I don’t think in general the problem is power that the Streamdeck uses. Elgato recommends direct connection to a PC and that is what I do with my iMac. Probably recommended because of an occasional USB problem depending on the dock/computer interaction. Anyway I was just curious about how much power the Streamdeck uses.

I’m going to try swapping the dock, see if it helps. I really like a one cable connection. The stream deck works perfectly when plugged into the Macbook directly.

I’ve ordered a CalDigit TS3 Plus.

I needed another dock anyway because I’ve been using a small dock (hanging off a USB port) for one of my setups and I need more ports on that Mac too.

Just to report back.

After recieving the Caldigit I’ve had zero problems. This thread should have been: warning do not use Streamdecks with Belkin docks.

Back to one cable harmony, and finally a functioning Streamdeck.

Thanks to everyone for the help!


Good to hear the CalDigit dock did the trick.

I’ve used my Stream Deck XL with a Belkin dock on my iMac (Intel) extensively without any issues. Generally speaking, Belkin has a good reputation and I wouldn’t rule them out. Perhaps you just got a faulty unit.