Streaming iTunes music from Synology

For the Synology users here what are you using to stream music from your Synology?

I saw that there is an iTunes server package available for Synology, but I’m hoping to stay away from itunes.

I would like to stream my iTunes music from my Synology to my phone, iPad and Mac though. I’m curious how others are doing this.

Thanks in advance.

I just use DS Music on the phone and iPad and then mount the drive on my Mac and use Swinsian to play.

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Swinsian looks amazing, but is it still supported by the developer? Their website was last updated in 2018, and their last (and only) Twitter post was published in 2011.

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Have you looked at Plex? Over the years I’ve run a Plex server on an Nvidia Shield, a PC, and a Mac. All have been reliable and easy to use, so I would expect their synology server would be as well.

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+1 Plex

there is a great iOS app called PlexAMP which is geared to music only.
You can set up Plex to connect when you are out and about as well and stream from your server at home.


Looking at the changeling, the last update was on 21 July 2021, so possibly?

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I use VLC. It’s on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc., have
used it for 1000 years, and can navigate it while unconscious.

I have all kinds of different file formats to accommodate and
VLC does it all. No one though, would consider it a modern app…

Yes, I use Plex as a server for hosting movies, on my Synology. I haven’t looked into it for hosting music though. The main features I need are: 1. Import iTunes music, 2. Import and use/display my iTunes playlists. I 'll see if it supports the iTunes import.

I cannot get the Apple Music app to show the playlists I have in the iTunes folder (My iTunes music folder has been dormant for a very long time)

Are you using Plexamp?
Does it support importing iTunes music & playlists?

Thanks, but I’m looking for something I can host on the Synology, then stream to MacOS, iOS, iPadOS.

But how to get vlc to use the iTunes music & playlists, hosted on a Synology?

I googled ‘does Plex use iTunes playlists’ and found quite a bit of info including this article. Thought it might be helpful. It describes a synology setup and importing iTunes playlists.

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The iTunes music is not DRM’d (now) so I just put it into a shared folder.
Don’t think I ever created a playlist with iTunes, all in VLC, so never had to migrate.

There are certainly more current options, in my case VLC is burned into my brain.
I am border line embarrassed